Token Permissioned Chat

Token Permissioned Chat allows you to create an exclusive chatroom for members who hold a certain amount of your tokens.
Here are all the ways you can interact with your community once you've added the bot as an administrator and have linked your wallet.


1) Go back to your chat with @collablandbot, and either press the Start button at the bottom of the screen or type /start in the message composer.
2) Select the group you want to configure.
3) Select the token type that will be using for your membership. Here are our currently supported token types.
4) Choose what network your token is on.
5) Depending on the token, you'll need to enter in different information. See below and input the information being requested.



ERC20 and ERC721

6) You can then add a message to your community members as well.
7) The bot will give you an invite link. Copy the link and send it out to your new members. Once they have the required amount of tokens in their wallet, going to this link will give them access to your new Token Permissioned Chat!
Token Permissioned Chat only checks to see if members have the minimum required amount of tokens in their connected wallet. We never remove these tokens from the wallet.