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Telegram Setup

Integrate Collab.Land with your Telegram group.

Video Tutorial

We've added some new features since we first made this tutorial! Check out our written documentation for the latest we have to offer.

Create New Telegram Group

1) In Telegram, select the Messages icon in the upper right hand corner.
2) Select New Group to create your new community.
3) Add @collablandbot to your group.
  • Search for collablandbot in the Search bar.
  • Select the button next to the bot's name.
  • Select Next.
4) Add a name for your new group
5) Optional: Add a picture for your group icon by selecting the Camera icon.
6) Select Create.

Configure Your Group Settings

You'll need to make sure your group is set up to use the Collab.Land bot by editing your Group Settings. If you have an existing Telegram group, start here.
1) Access your group settings by selecting your group icon in the upper right hand corner of the menu bar.
2) Select Edit.
3) Set your group as a Super Group and allow all new group members who join to see the full message history.
4) Select Chat History for New Members
5) Select Visible option
6) Select Done to save.
7) Add @collablandbot to your group as an admin. Access group settings by repeating steps 1 - 2 above.
8) Select Administrators.
9) Select Add Admin.
10) Select Collab.Land bot. The bot should have these settings enabled:
11) Select Done to save.
To leverage the Collab.Land bot, you will have to link your wallet to your group.
For administrators, this is so your community can use Collab.Land features listed in the Admin Functions section. For members, this is so you can access Airdrops and Token Permissioned Chat.
For best results, make sure you are on your Telegram desktop app to complete these steps and you have already downloaded and setup MetaMask.
1) You should see the Verify with Metamask button displayed by the bot.
2) Select Verify with Metamask button.
3) A new window or tab will pop up in your browser to check whether you have MetaMask installed. You should then see a Confirm button to link Metamask.
4) Select the Confirm button.
5) When the wallet is successfully linked, an All done! message will appear in the browser window.
6) You will also receive a message from @collablandbot verifying your wallet address.

Admin Functions

You are now ready to start all the fun with your community! Head over to Administering Your Group for more info on setting up Airdrops and Token Permissioned Chats!