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Airdrop Configuration

Use Airdrop Hyperdrive to share free tokens with your community. Once you have set this up, members can claim their tokens by typing /airdrop in the group and linking their wallet.
Currently Airdrop Hyperdrive supports ERC-20 tokens.

Create Airdrop Admin Address

1) Go back to your chat with @collablandbot, and either press the Start button at the bottom of the screen or type /start in the message composer.
2) The Command Center will show up. Select the Airdrop Hyperdrive button.
3) All the Telegram groups that you've added @collablandbot as an administrator will display. Select the group you'd like to configure.
4) Select the network you'd like to airdrop on.
5) Enter the token contract address and number of tokens. For example, if your token contract address is 0xB60fDf4bO2FA14611A7397C81472210 and you want to give everyone in your community 3 tokens, you'd want to type the following to the bot: 0xB60fDf4bO2FA14611A7397C81472210 3
6) Enter in a message for your members to see when they get their airdrop.
7) The bot will give you an admin address that you can now use for your airdrop and an Etherscan link to the address, so that you can track any transactions that are linked to your airdrop.

Load Up Your Airdrop Wallet

You will need to load your airdrop admin wallet address with the total number of your tokens you want to give away to your members and enough Ethereum (also known as ETH) to cover your transaction fees (also known as gas cost).
1) Copy the admin address that @collablandbot gave you. Open up your wallet and select Send.
2) Paste the admin address into the address field.
3) Select your token name and enter the number of total tokens you want to give away in your airdrop.
4) Confirm the transaction.
5) Repeat steps 1 - 4 with Ethereum.
If you'd like to take back remaining token or ETH from your airdrop, you can do that with the Save Private Key functionality.
There is currently only one airdrop per group! Contact Collab.Land support to adjust.