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Token Permissioned Roles

Automate server permissions via token holdings managed by Collab.Land!

Configuring Collab.Land

Prior to this setup, create a server and add the Collab.Land bot! More on the setup here.
1) In the collabland-config channel, enter !setup to begin the channel access setup
2) Click the 🔐 emoji to begin the permissioned role setup.
3) Choose your token type using the emojis!
4) Add the following 4 parameters (5 parameters for 1155): <token contract address (found on etherscan)> ex. 0x6b175474e89094c44da98b954eedeac495271d0f <min amount of tokens> ex. 100 <max amount of tokens (if no max define as -1)> ex. 1000 or -1 <role name (no spaces, caps sensitive)> ex. SuperHero <token ID (for 1155 and POAP)> 414
Ignore the "< >" these should not be sent to the bot
4) Add new tiers of the token role or complete the process!
5) When users enter the general chat they need to enter !join in any general channel for the bot to verify their token holding